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About us

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

Dr Green Carpet Care is an environmentally-friendly, residential and commercial carpet cleaning service provider in the local Atlanta metro area.

Dr Green Carpet Care was founded as a green carpet cleaning company years ago when 'Dr Green' discovered a demand for environmentally-friendly, low-moisture carpet cleaning in the area; as he heard from numerous individuals wondering how to safely have their home hygienically cleaned and sanitized without having their children and pets subjected to harmful chemicals. These same individuals realized that water conservation is an important part of being environmentally-friendly and were frustrated how typical steam cleaners would waste tens of gallons of water on their carpets to clean, leaving them wet for hours at a time.

Based on years of research, the Dr Green Cleaning System was perfected to provide quality carpet cleaning services in the metro Atlanta area geared towards a more Earth-conscious consumer. 

Dr Green Carpet Care's vision is to provide truly non-toxic carpet cleaning that is safe for adults, children, pets, and the Earth (no 'greenwashing' here).  We are proud to say that we are meeting that challenge head on and strive to take being Earth-Friendly a step further every day by consistently improving our processes as 'green' technology increases!

We strive to play our part in saving the Earth, one clean at a time!

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